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Aluminium profile system for mechanical engineering are needed wherever machine frames, work platforms, shelves, sliding doors, guardings, test set-ups and more are built. With its range of connecting elements and other accessories, the versatile and trusted FlexAlSys aluminium profile system is the ideal modular profile system for plant and mechanical engineering.


Since Mabchoo's founding, we have been passionately driven to produce high quality custom cabinetry that showcases the integrity of our relative designs. To efficiently and accurately produce each client's unique order at a high volume and outstanding quality, Mabchoo combines the use of state-of-the-art machinery and technology with hands on craftsmanship. From the design and engineering to production and installation, Mabchoo's heart and hand is behind it all.



Our Company brings a range of simple, affordable, and sustainable Growing Systems utilizing aeroponic techniques that provide healthy produce for families, communities, and commercial enterprises.